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Friday, 23.10.2020, 09:20
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Completely to understand this news, you should read this.

Kernel-keys - are keys to tags files PRX of firmware in folder "kd" (to system files).

These tags we so know for a long time (0B2B0CF0/0B2B12F0/0B2B1FF0/0B2B1FF0/0B2B29F0), but keys of decription to these tags were not available yet. Sense of this opening in that, that coyotebean has got these keys and now there was a possibility to decrypt files of firmware's kernel 05g from PSPgo.

While it means that there can be new version of PSARDumper, which able to take and decrypt files 04g, 05g from updating of firmware. 

For explanation thanks to  ... Read more »
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Message of one user on forum
lan.st:< ... Read more »
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On page of project "pspgohack", on a site code.google.com appeared an information that PSP Go! With firmwares 6.00 and 6.10 is hacked. On that site also was download link- "DOWNLOAD HACK". If you have tested this hack, please, write your results on this site.
Addition to news:
If to believe comments of testers - the news about hacking of ... Read more »
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What need to install CFW on not hackable psp:
1. Find the 'hole" in firmware and try to get access to a kernel. (HBL got only UserMode access, that's why it impossible)
2. Then it is necessary to write for this "hole" exploit.
3. And then try to launch HEN mode on PSP, with which help it is may install CFW.

All is reduced to that that firstly is necessary to get access to a kernel.
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Site is in development!
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With help of PSARdump for PSP Go!, was received conatain of flash0 on PSP Go with firmware 6.20. With help of HBL of course. Here you can download it http://slil.ru/29271484
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One guy, which nickname on youtube is "MasterofShadows100"  could change font on PSP 3000 with 6.20 firmware with help of HBL. Here is link to original forum.
Here is video:

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Hi to everyone visitor of this site!
For what it is necessary? (Of this site..) In local forum you can discuss all hacks which were made by you or which you found in Internet. Why this site, but not http://code.google.com/p/valentine-hbl/updates/list#? Because "there" people discuss problems of working HBL.
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