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Wednesday, 10.08.2022, 21:11
Main » 2010 » June » 8 » PSP Go! with firmwares 6.00-6.10 is HACKED!? (Attention! News is not checked up!)
PSP Go! with firmwares 6.00-6.10 is HACKED!? (Attention! News is not checked up!)
On page of project "pspgohack", on a site code.google.com appeared an information that PSP Go! With firmwares 6.00 and 6.10 is hacked. On that site also was download link- "DOWNLOAD HACK". If you have tested this hack, please, write your results on this site.
Addition to news:
If to believe comments of testers - the news about hacking of PSP Go! with firmwares 6.00-6.10 is.....
This hack is just DevHook, adapted(Of what I am not assured) for HBL and firmwares 6.00-6.10.
All yours indignations you may direct to this adress of "hackers-developers" - http://code.google.com/p/pspgohack/updates/list
Thank you for tests.
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11 Huntercez   [Entry]
I was just sure it is gonna be like this!Everybody told them ,,Stop it!You cant use kernel on HBL",but nooo....They needed to show the world how smart are they....

10 smokey   [Entry]
well....nothing happend on my go...so think you could try...although it should be only for 6.00 and 6.10 it could work....but as i said ...didnt work with my psp which has 6.10...idk...gonna try to figure out if there is a differnce between normal device hook v0.22 and this one....gonna write here something later on

9 Lex-   [Entry]
do u think i can try it on my 3004 fw 6.2 8d?

8 smokey   [Entry]
yeah looks like it...didnt expect anything else...would be too cool if psp go would have been fully hacked...maybe someone can get this to run, maybe i am doing sumthin wrong(dont think so but you never know, right)???!! wouldnt say it is a fake........just not working ;D at least on my psp

7 smokey   [Entry]
okay hmmmm....it looks like normal device hook v0.22........so i think no risk of bricking your psp.....tried now like for 20 times....again only looping hbl thread.weird.

6 Lex-   [Entry]
then it's just a fucking fake!

5 smokey   [Entry]
nope....try running it again with r86...again looping hbl thread only

4 Lex-   [Entry]
can u start it without hbl?

3 smokey   [Entry]
started over hbl.......nothing but looping hbl thread......tested on psp go firmware 6.10, datecode 9d, hbl rev 85 no dev

2 Lex-   [Entry]
Hey is here anybody, who tested it? i've got a 3004 and i think i should not test it :D

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