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Monday, 21.09.2020, 09:15
Main » 2010 » June » 21 » Koens Loader. Loader whicn can run "iso" on not hackable PSP. UPDATE.
Koens Loader. Loader whicn can run "iso" on not hackable PSP. UPDATE.

1. The project yet BETA.

Recently it became known about working out iso-loader specially for start through HBL. It is called "Koens Loader". 

Already there were 3 revisions. Loader is not stable yet and almost loads nothing. Meanwhile it starts only ISO games. Support CSO is not planned in the near future. 

Author of project -  says that work is actively conducted.

Download "Koens Loader".                                                         Page of project.              

From Page Of Project:
What is it?
Koens Loader is an Iso loader for the PSP. It is specifically designed to run with Half Byte Loader
Is this ready for users?
No, it is currently in development stages
Is there a Beta available?
We are currently working on one to release, no date yet(coming soon)
Is this a Kernel/Usermode exploit?
No, it is an application to be run through HBL
Is this a CFW/HEN?
No, it will never be
Does this have Cso support?
Not yet, but we hope to implement it soon

How can I help?
If you understand C programming for the PSP, contact us at koens17@hotmail.com or PM us.
If you have a CFW PSP, this can help with development.
Helping with our Tasks for non-developers section is appreciated.
*UPDATE* Friday June 25th 2010: R4 of koens loader is getting released soon. There is a video on their page that shows it having a menu.
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6 C96   [Entry]
This will be awesome for go users so they don't need to buy the games they already have on UMD on the playstation store.
It will also be good for psp 3000 and ta88v3 users so they don't need to take a bunch of UMDs with them wherever they want to play their games.

5 Dominic Masters   [Entry]
I would like to help by being a beta tester, where can I sign up?
Administrator: Try to find somewhere here http://www.koens.netne.net/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=5

4 goku   [Entry]
does it play any iso games...right now...???.if yes..pls telll
Administrator: No.

3 Flambe123   [Entry]
its happenin right now

2 VityokWohoo   [Entry]
right now

1 goku   [Entry]
seriously....when this will be read..have waited for long time....

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